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            What is an emergency protocol?

            When an emergency occurs, it is critical that it is dealt with efficiently, without panic and with clear structure.

            Organizations will setout their internal policies on what is to happen when a mobile worker is threatened, attacked or incapacitated and GuardianMPS makes it happen.

            We have extensive experience in coordinating and escalating emergencies and responders and GuardianMPS regulates the structure of that.

            Should a worker fail to check out or become uncommunicative it is unclear if they suffered some form of threat or violence or if they simply ran out of battery power or signal. An organization may want the affected worker's line manager notified as part of coordinating the emergency.

            They may also want a team manager emailed/messaged/called automatically by the system in an event such as this.

            They may simply want the central station to listen to the live audio and use their extensive experience to determine whether the call is to be escalated to first responders or not.

            Emergency protocols are layers in the chain of communication when a mobile worker has either raised a panic alarm, or fails to communicate and confirm their personal safety.

            GuardianMPS can offer guidance to organizations on how to setup the most suitable emergency protocols based on size  and structure of each organization, team or duty area. 

            This avoids a team manager in Ohio receiving alerts for a worker in California!
            Updated: 06 Dec 2016 07:21 AM
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