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            What is a check-in?

            Check-ins could be visits, specific tasks, meetings, or any other body of work carried out with a specified start/end time expected or planned.


            Home visit
            Visiting the home of a potentially volatile individual, or working in a sector that may cause distress or the threat of harm (social worker, healthcare, debt collection)
            Set TaskSporadically moving or working with/near a hazardous or at risk payload for a defined length of time. (goods transporter, cash collection services, asbestos or toxin removal)
            Meeting a non volatile individual in a volatile environment - bad area/proximity to known illegal or criminal activity etc)
            Regular hazardous working activities
            Working in an isolated or unpatrolled area where the environment poses the threat of harm - (heavy mechanical machinery, chemical filled, confined space or working at heights etc...)


            GuardianMPS allows you to record information about each check-in before it happens and how long you expect it to take.

            When recording your information you need to have considered the nature of the work you are carrying out, what is likely to happen and what is the worst that could happen.

            This is broadly known as a RISK ASSESSMENT and it's purpose as far as you are concerned is to ensure that when you record activities, you:

            1. actively think about the risks involved in the planned check-in
            2. give detail about what is being carried out (Who, Where, For how long, What has been the case historically, Will it be different this time?)
            3. outline your expected outcomes
            4. create a history and trail to follow in the event that your safety is threatened or in the case where you cease to communicate.

            What this means is that a detailed event history is then automatically created on the GuardianMPS web portal of where you have been, complete with the audible recordings you made.

            If you have any further queries or issues, please email

            Updated: 04 May 2016 03:28 AM
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