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            What is a Subgroup or subteam?

            A core part of GuardianMPS effectiveness is the structure it is built upon. One key feature of this is the ability to deal with Subgroups and Subteams.

            An example of a team might be a community care nursing team for a healthcare company.

            An example of a subteam of this might be the oncology care nursing section of the above.

            By adding users, teams and subteams in this carefully structured manner, GuardianMPS ensures that those affected by a worker emergency or those with capacity to intervene or assist (perhaps simply by proximity) are informed and involved in the process of assisting the affected or threatened worker.

            An example might be that a worker fails to respond to an automated safety check and an alarm is created. A team member 2 blocks away could be informed and able to visit the scene to ascertain if the worker was present at their last recorded position or duty assignment. 

            This may be quicker than escalating to emergency responders and in many cases more appropriate (eg. false alarms)

            By definition it also ensures that those not involved, those not nearby and those with no knowledge of the affected individual are not contacted or interrupted in the event of an incident or alarm.

            This covers situation where a system user within an organization moves between teams/subteams.

            Once they do this they inherit the emergency protocols of the new team and if affected the appropriate team responders will be notified. 

            The worker's old team will not contacted or involved.

            For more information on subteams and how they work, please contact GuardianMPS on
            Updated: 06 Dec 2016 07:07 AM
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