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            My organization does not provide cellphones, our workers just use their own. Can we use GuardianMPS on a worker's own phone?

            You can use GuardianMPS on pretty much any device, whether organization or worker owned.

            The caveats would be:

            In order to use the GPS capability, the user would need to be using one of our GPS enabled apps on a GPS enabled smartphone

            BB10 Blackberry

            Any other device - Windows phone and non smartphones can of course still use the system but will not have GPS capability. For information on how to establish location of a worker without GPS click here.

            For information on how to use GuardianMPS on your device, see our worker device guides here:

            iOS/iPhone/iPad -
            Android -
            Blackberry BB10 -
            Standard Cellphone -
            Updated: 06 Apr 2016 07:54 AM
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