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            My device does not have GPS, how do I locate my workers?

            GuardianMPS is able to provide a facility for worker location even if the device does not have GPS capabilities.


            This is done by including good detail when using the checking in/out facility.

            One of the ways GuardianMPS protects is by automating a response to check-in expirations. Check-ins are finite timed events, home visits, installations, travel schedules etc. For more information on check-ins, see the article on 

            When checking-in, a non-smartphone user will use a speed dial to call in their intended work assignment, and then once completed, call back to check-out. When checking-in we advise that all users provide a comprehensive account of who they are visiting, what work is to be carried out, duration expected, and the address/location of the assignment with as much detail as possible.

            If possible it is useful to describe or make mention of nearby landmarks (near a 7/11, monument, coffee house) expectations or concerns (is this call likely to result in threats or aggression - is the patient/client known for erratic behaviour, is the site in a socially deprived or dangerous area?)

            All of this information is recorded as playable audio files on GuardianMPS' servers so if an alert is received or a worker fails to check-out of an activity, this information is presented to Central Station Monitoring teams and any designated respondents.

            In this manner, details of the worker's location can still be established without GPS as we know where they have been, where their next assignment was situated, who with, and the time the activity was expected to last. 

            If the worker raises a panic alert, the background audio recording feature will instantly begin recording the situation connected with the raised alert. This information and the check-in information will assist both emergency crews and nominated team member responders to get assistance to the worker.

            If the worker has no cell signal and no means to raise a panic GuardianMPS will attempt to make safety checks to the user's phone and if not responded to, will AUTOMATICALLY raise an alert on their behalf. This is also useful when a worker cannot reach or interact with their phone in an emergency situation.

            If you have any further queries or issues, please email

            Updated: 04 May 2016 03:29 AM
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