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            Isn't checking in and out of activities way too much work for my users?

            GuardianMPS' chief purpose is to ensure your safety and wellbeing and get you the support and assistance you might need in the event of an emergency or in a flammable or confrontational encounter.

            The panic systems are there to do just that.

            But what if everything seemed to be going well, no dangerous encounters, nothing out of the ordinary and on the journey back to your workplace some form of unforeseen accident occurs?


            If such an event occurs it is likely that your capacity to raise an alert or call for help may be affected or compromised. 

            So how would using GuardianMPS help in this situation?

            GuardianMPS is much more than a monitored alert system, but rather it serves to act as a progress tracker for your destinations and work activities.

            What this means is that the day to day events from one visit or activity to another are equally as important to us in establishing your safety.

            If we refer back to the example above, how could GuardianMPS assist in a situation where raising a panic was compromised or impossible.

            The response team in GuardianMPS can visit the events section of the web portal and see all the work carried out and completed.

            This shows where you've been, the durations of each visit or task, and recordings detailing the next planned activity.

            So in the case above, if this was a list of where all activities had taken place, at the point where you needed assistance 

            you would be LIKELY TO BE:

            Between one of the previously visited destinations - particularly if your work schedule is regular or has a pattern.

            Within a similar distance to previous checkpoints - ruling out bigger distances

            Travelling along the same road as your last checkpoint.

            This illustrates the need to effectively use the activity recording functions as - if there were "gaps" in the detail or pattern, the ability to get assistance to your point of need would be severely compromised.

            Your activities give clues and details as to your whereabouts, the type of activities planned and whether or not there is any element of hazard or risk associated with them.

            And in an EMERGENCY, just a few seconds more thought and a little more information can GREATLY INCREASE THE CHANCES OF GETTING HELP TO YOU....WHEN YOU NEED IT!

            Updated: 10 Sep 2015 04:20 AM
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