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            How do I remove GuardianMPS from my iPhone?

            Users may wish to remove their GuardianMPS app for many reasons.

            If a user no longer requires the GuardianMPS app it is very simple to remove the app from an iPhone/iOS device.

            Just follow the few steps below.

            • If the app is running, close it by double clicking the menu button and swiping the GuardianMPS app carousel entry upwards off the screen. This ensures the app is closed and not running.
            • Locate the app icon on the screen of the device.
            • Touch and hold the icon until all the icons "wobble" and an "x" appears in the corner of the icon.
            • Touch the "x" 
            • Choose DELETE when the warning comes up.

            The GuardianMPS app is now uninstalled from your device.

            If you have any further queries you can email us at anytime to

            Updated: 26 Apr 2016 06:21 AM
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