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            How do I remove GuardianMPS from an Android Phone/Tablet?

            Users may wish to remove the GuardianMPS app for one of many reasons.

            On an Android device there is an extra step to removing compared to uninstalling most apps.

            This is due to the fact that the GuardianMPS "stealth mode" features require special access to the phone functions and create a " device administrator" entry on the device to achieve security functions like bypassing the lock screen.

            GuardianMPS device administrator screen

            To remove GuardianMPS from an Android device, simply follow these steps.

            • Navigate from the device's settings icon to the Security menu.

            • Click the Device Administrators sub menu.

            GuardianMPS View or deactivate device administrators

            • Uncheck GuardianMPS from the list of Device Administrators. DO NOT UNCHECK ANY OTHER ENTRIES.

            GuardianMPS uncheck device administrators entry

            • Confirm DEACTIVATE.

            GuardianMPS Confirming deactivation of device administrator

            Confirm the dialog warning that appears.

            GuardianMPS deactivating device administrators warning dialog

            The app may now be removed as any other Android app by either :

            • Pressing and holding the icon and dragging to the Bin icon that appears.
            GuardianMPS drag removal method screen and process

            • Confirm that you want to delete the app.


            • Navigate to settings 
            • Select Apps
            • Locate GuardianMPS and click
            • Choose Uninstall and confirm.

            GuardianMPS Removing Android app process and screens

            The app is now fully removed from the device.

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            Updated: 26 Apr 2016 06:21 AM
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