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            How can managers and team coordinators track my alerts and check-ins?

            This can be done in 2 ways.

            1. Managers and team coordinators nominated as RESPONDERS will receive a message when one of their team raise an alert. The message will contain a link to access the Incident information pages for that alert.

            This includes all recorded audio, location from GPS fixes received and details of the last known check-in. There is also a dial link to call Central Station to confirm a user's safety and de-escalate the alert.

            2. GuardianMPS has accounts known as administrator accounts.

            These accounts allow team leaders and coordinators to see the check ins and alerts of their teams and users.
            They will only see the alerts for the groups they have been assigned to and all connected sub-groups.

            Administrators can log in and cancel a user's alert if it is known that this user's safety is not at risk and can be confirmed. The details of any cancellation will be recorded and timestamped in case of future review requirements.

            In the case of small organizations, the user being protected may also be acting as a responder for a fellow team member.

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            Updated: 21 Apr 2016 08:55 AM
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